Watch care tips

In order you can enjoy using the watch, you must follow the next simple rules:

1. Mechanical watches, like any mechanisms, require regular check, cleaning, lubrication and adjusting the accuracy movement. It is advisable to do these things every three or four years at an authorized service center which is mentioned in the list, attached to the watch certificate. It is an important requirement, since when opening the case, even the smallest speck of dust found in the mechanism can break the accuracy movement of the watch due to increased friction. Start the watch only when taking it off your hand. It eliminates the non-uniform pressure on the crown, which is considered one of the most vulnerable watch components. A manual wind watch should be started at the same time, rotating the crown clockwise up to the stop. An automatic watch, in case you wear it every day, should be started once a week (20-30 clockwise rotations of the crown). It is not recommended to do extreme sports, work with a tool, etc while wearing mechanical watches. The recoil force affects the durability and accuracy movement of the watch. No matter how perfect the shock-proof mechanism is, there is always the possibility of an excessive load that can be harmful for some parts of the movement.

2. Quartz watches are less quaint in relation to their care, but also require checking, cleaning and lubrication every four or five years only at the authorized service center, mentioned in the list attached to the watch's passport. If you need to replace the batteries in a quartz watch, contact the authorized dealer before the battery expires. Used batteries can damage the watch. Do not try to change the battery by yourself. If your watch is water resistant, then after replacing the battery, the watch must pass a watertightness test so you could be sure that moisture does not penetrate into the case.

In order not to spoil the calendar mechanism, it is better not to change the date between 22 and 02 o'clock at night. At this time, all the gears begin to move to change the date automatically. It is better to change the date by taking the hour hand to the lower sector of the dial (for example, to the 6 o'clock position).

It is better to keep the watch separately from the jewelry, especially with precious stones, so it will be subject to minimal friction on anything. The best option would be the box that was sold together with the watch. Such boxes have special soft material inside and are made specifically for your watch.

Replace the broken or cracked glass immediately, since even the thinnest crack will allow the dust particles to get into the mechanism, and it will affect the accuracy movement of the watch. It is not recommended to store the watch in cold rooms. The lubricating oils thicken in the cold; as a result the mechanism stops and the trunnions of the axles can be damaged. Do not leave the watch on the stone tables, made of marble, for example, because the severe temperature changes of the marble can cause damage of certain parts, especially the springs and spirals of old watches made of stainless steel. It is recommended to take off the watch before going to bed. While sleepping, you can make uncontrolled movements that can damage the watch. In addition, a person sweats when he sleeps, and sweat gradually accumulating in the watch, can damage the case and gaskets, that should ensure the tightness of the watch. If your watch is waterproof, you can wipe it with a mild soap or cleaning solution from time to time, and after that the watch should be wiped dry. If your watch has a leather strap, then such cleaning should concern only the watch case. If your watch is not waterproof or you are not sure of it, wipe it slightly with a wet cloth, and after that with a dry one. If you go in for sports regularly and has an active lifestyle, then you need to choose a watch with a metal bracelet, instead of a genuine leather one. Sweat and perspiration that appears while doing sports, will gradually destroy the genuine leather of the bracelet.

It is not recommended to wear watches in saunas or under a hot shower. Excess heat and moisture can damage the watch case and sealed pads.

Salt sea water may harm most watches. Therefore, even a waterproof watch should be washed with a soap solution in warm running water after swimming in the sea to avoid corrosion and premature aging of the sealed pads. While contacting the water, the crown and all buttons must be in the screwed position.

In 2 or 3 years, your watch may lose its tightness due to the aging of the gaskets. Therefore, it is better to check the tightness every two or three years and, if it is necessary, to change the gaskets. It is not recommended to leave the watch near the speakers or other sources of magnetic fields. Most watches do not have magnetic protection, and when the parts of the movement get magnetized, the watch may be slow or, on the contrary, too fast.