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The history of watchmaking is written by people. People who bring traditions of their country into it. The Buran SA company was founded by an international team of specialists with extensive experience in the production of watches.

The style of Buran watches is a combination of classic outlines of Swiss watches and artistic originality of Russia. Buran watches have been known since 1992, when they were produced in limited series in Moscow – a city known for masters, such as Pavel Bure, Karl Faberge, and Victor Gabus. The government and collectors demanded watches that were masterpieces of watchmaking art (demonstration of the watchmakers’ skills and continuation of traditions) that were created using skeletonization and inlaid with precious stones. Buran has become the standard of classic Russian watches that combined cultural traditions with the best mechanisms and balanced design.


After becoming one of the most famous brands on the Russian market, Buran gained fame and reputation for excellent watches in countries such as Austria, USA, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Greece, Canada, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, and Switzerland. It has occupied a place in the hearts of many foreign customers who appreciate high quality, reasonable price, and outstanding design. Over time, most of the products became in demand outside of Russia.

In 2006, by relying on the successful long-term experience in the manufacturing of watches, the creators of the Buran brand chose further development of products according to the strictest standards in the homeland of the best watches – Switzerland. The unique spirit and traditions of Russian classical art were merged with Swiss attention to detail. After that the number of customers who want to buy buran watches was seriously increased.  Now the Swiss company Buran SA aims to continue moving in its original direction and with its unique design specifics, but at the much greater level of complexity and quality, meeting the highest demands of international clients, who want to buy buran watches online.

The company's office is located in Switzerland, in the city of Porrentruy. Buran SA is proud of their team for a good reason: the marketing division has many years of experience in the international market, and the design bureau is represented by experienced designers and promising artists. The company's motto is: ‘To find a very thin, invisible, and precise line between a functional device and jewelry, between ergonomics and beauty.’

There is also a studio that produces no more than 500 watches a month since the quality and not quantity of products is paramount, for those who want to buy Buran of extra limited version. Making Buran watches has nothing to do with mass line assembly. Each watch is given special attention, using only the best mechanisms. Each mechanism is subjected to careful refinement and decorated by the masters of the company. The work experience of each master is at least 10 years. Careful attention is paid to the quality control of finished products, and not a single watch goes on sale without verification, since this product is intended for people who have knowledge about watches and already own more than one.

To make wearing watches a pleasurable experience, serious attention is paid to the details of the watch design – a harmonious combination of roundness and angles in the case geometry, ergonomics of the high points and curves, distinctive neoclassical design innovations, screws, and unusual outlines of chronograph buttons. In its turn, convex sapphire glass, classic Roman numerals, guilloche/embossing of the dial surface, graceful watch hands of polished steel, well-thought-out markings and decor of dials that have no frills – all of these make the time display on the Buran watch uniquely spectacular.